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How Ford Is Using Test Invite Exam Maker To Conduct Exams

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Istanbul, Turkey
To safely apply online exams and provide detailed achievement reports to all participants.

The used products

Sınavda Web kamera kaydı

Video Recording

Video is recorded on each participant's webcam during the exam.

Sınavda ekran kilidi

Screen lock

The screen is locked during the exam, and it is not allowed to switch to screens other than the exam.


Ford has over 200 dealers around Turkey offering their services to customers and potential customers. It attaches great importance to the training of its sales personnel.

The training and continuous development of its personnel in these dealer networks are monitored under the Ford Development Academy. They are distinguished between Ford Commercial Vehicles and Ford Trucks . Ford Development Academy, which includes expert trainers, has determined it as its primary goal to ensure that all dealers are informed about the latest information, technology and updates by planning training and continuous development activities. In the year 2020, the Academy decided to plan all its exams remotely and securely and to implement this strategy; Various exams have been planned throughout the year to determine the post-training assessment and evaluation processes and /or the current level of many dealer employees. A structure has been established where employees can set their own exam dates in order to create minimum deviation in their work flow, and thus employees have been allowed to take exams at their own dealers and at appropriate times. Thus, it is aimed to keep participation rates as high as possible and to minimize travel expenses.

The most important issues in remote exams are Exam Security and Application of Detailed Assessment Techniques.

Exam Security:

  1. During the exam, video recordings of the employees are taken with the webcam and microphone equipment on their devices. These records are examined by the Ford Development Academy staff after the examination and the outcome is determined.
  2. During the exam, the Full Screen Lock application is ctivated to prevent leaving the exam screen. In this way, employees taking the exam are prevented from leaving the exam screen..
  3. For all exams, different time limits are set, taking into account the difficulty and number of questions.
  4. The order of all questions and choices in the exams are; randomly determined for each employee/exam. Thus, the exam questions and stylish ranks of the employees who take the exam from the same questions are differentiated..
  5. In some exams, random questions are selected from a large pool of questions, with the same subject and difficulty level. In this way, it has ensured that employees are tested on the same subject, with the same difficulty, but with different question sets.

Ensuring exam security ensures that the results of the employees taking the exam are considered reliable. After this point, detailed analysis of these results becomes important..

Detailed Measurement:

  1. Besides the large question pool, Ford Development Academy divides the questions according to different categories, subcategories and difficulty levels. In this way, the results of the employees specific to each dimension are broken down to the lowest category and the successful / weak areas are determined in detail.
  2. Development areas, the most challenging questions, detailed sub-dimension progress analyzes are determined in general groups or individually.

In this way, trainings can be planned effectively to cover weak areas..

  1. In addition to these, the average of the general group is determined by means of norm studies and comparative result reports are obtained and the level of knowledge of an employee compared to the general level is measured clearly..
  2. Thanks to comparative reports, an employee's progress during the year can be tracked and the progress map can be followed in detail..

This way, success analysis of employees and dealers are reported accurately.

With the application of Exam Security , Detailed Assessment and Evaluation Techniques; Nearly 3000 employees participate in the exams in each exam calendar. The management provided by the professional team at Test Invite has made it efficient to achieve this task.

  1. Entry of all questions into the system
  2. Creation of tests
  3. Tracking of employee lists
  4. Employees to be invited to the exam
  5. Complete and error-free management of the process
  6. Technical and operational support during the exam
  7. Preparation of Exam Attendance, Exam Results and Question Analysis Reports after the exam
  8. Quick response to additional reporting needs
  9. Sharing professional knowledge and experience about the examination method


  1. 6000+ online exams administered (~ 10000 online exams per year)
  2. Participation rates exceeded 80%.
  3. The progress maps of the employees on certain subjects were prepared and the opportunity was reached to examine their development in a healthier way.
  4. The opportunity to compare the success of all employees in the same exam and the success of each employee was provided. In this way, planning the additional training of employees with a high need for improvement was determined in a healthy way based on analytical data. In addition, promotion planning could be done more accurately for employees whose level of knowledge was above the general level.
  5. Question Success Analyzes were made and the questions that the employees had the least / the most difficulties were determined. By analyzing the difficulties and subject of the questions, it was ensured that future trainings were planned accordingly.
Especially during the exam, the video recording feature met our needs in terms of exam security. Question banking has especially increased our measuring capacity. With the support service of the test invite, We were able to comfortably manage a 3000-person exam.

Ferah Yetkin Perçin

Dealer Training Development Specialist

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