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How Ford Is Using Testinvite Exam Maker To Conduct Exams

Testinvite Customer: Ford Automotive
Istanbul, Turkey
Conducting testing and assessment processes in an online setting.
Providing detailed analytical reports for all participants test results.

The used products

Video record via webcam

Video Recording via Webcam

Test operators took video recordings from test-takers' webcams.

Fullscreen Lockdown Browser

Full Screen Lock

Test operators enabled the "full-screen lock" setting and prevented test-takers from leaving from the test screen

Ford Development Academy | Case Study

Ford is offering their services to customers and potential customers with more than 200 dealers in Turkey. Besides, Ford gives particular importance to advanced training of sales and post-sales personnel within the corporate structure.

The continuous development and training process of Ford personnel is conducting by Ford Development Academy that gathers both the dealer network of Ford Commercial Vehicles and Ford Trucks.

With an expert team, Ford Development Academy has planned advanced training and continuous development activities as primary goals in order to equip dealers with the latest updates about current challenges, technology, and methodology.


Ford Development Academy established a training structure that aimed at the minimum deviation of workflow, high level of participation to pieces of training, , and saving on time and cost. Therefore, the academy decided to conduct its training, testing, and assessment processes in an online setting.

In this conceptual framework, the most critical issues during the application are test security and detailed assessment techniques.


After 2020, all of these processes have administered with a remote and secure method by the academy at Testinvite. Thus, the company can keep up the high level of participation and minimize the traveling expenses. There have no undesirable effects on workflow because employees can set their test dates at the most suitable times for their schedule.

Test Security:

Advanced test security enables the company to consider test results reliably. Therefore;

  • During the process, test operators took webcam video records from test-takers webcams. These records have evaluated after the examination process by the Ford Development Academy experts. They analyzed suspicious activities about the violation of test rules with video records and declared reliable test results.
  • During the process, test operators activated the "full-screen lock" setting and prevented leaving from the test screen. Thus, test operators avoided the possible violations of test rules.
  • Test operators set time limits for different tests considering difficulty levels and the number of questions.
  • Questions, and choices had shuffled for each test-takers. Thus, the structure of the test has differentiated for each employee.
  • Questions had randomly selected from an extensive question bank. The bank had lots of questions for a particular subject and difficulty level. Thus, each employee had taken the test with the same subject and difficulty level but with a different question set.

Detailed Assessment:

Detailed assessment and reporting enable the company to determine the construction of the training process and performance improvement strategy.

  • Ford Development Academy classifies test questions into several categories, sections, subgroups, difficulty levels at the extensive question bank. Thus, the particular results of each employee had detailed to each dimension until the most specific scope. The expert team evaluated each employee under a pros and cons analysis with these detailed reports.
  • The expert team comprehended the most challenging questions for employees with detailed sub-dimension reports. Thus, they reconstructed the training structure for each employee and group with the needed subjects.
  • Through norm studies, the average level of the group had identified by comparative result reports. Thus, the knowledge level of each employee had compared with the group level. Knowledge levels of each employee became transparently visible in a group.
  • Through comparative reports, the progress of each employee had tracked year-round. By this way, the expert team could monitor the progress maps of all employees.

Online Testing and Assessment Process | Step-by-Step

Ford Development Academy had planned the participation of nearly 3000 employees in the examination process for each exam schedule. Hence, Testinvite Operation Team and Assessment Team managed the process efficiently and professionally according to the exam schedule. Besides, TestInvite guaranteed safe and professional implementations about test security and detailed assessment and reporting.

For this process, Testinvite Team took actions that line up below for implementation;

  • Transfering all questions one by one to the online question bank,
  • Preparation of tests with a plan,
  • Tracking of employee lists,
  • Sending exam invitations to the employees by e-mail,
  • Faultless management of the process from beginning to end,
  • Technical and operational support during the process,
  • Preparation of attendance, test results, and analysis reports after the examination,
  • Quick responses to the needs of additional reports,
  • Information and experience transfer about professional examination methods


  1. Managed 6000+ online exams without security concerns. (~10,000 online exam/year)
  2. Participation rate exceeded 80%.
  3. Completely prevented the deviation of workflow.
  4. Prepared progress maps and reshaped training methods for each employee based on analytical data.
  5. Prepared new and additional pieces of training for each employee based on needs from analytical reports.
  6. Promotion strategies had planned based on advanced, accurate, and analytical reports for employees whose level of knowledge was above the average.
  7. Questions that the employees had fewer and more difficulties were determining with question-based success analysis. Therefore, the expert team could increase the efficiency of the training strategy.
  8. Saved on time and cost.
Especially during the exam, the video recording feature met our needs for the security of our exam. Question banking has dramatically increased our measuring capacity. With the support service of the Testinvite, we were able to comfortably manage a 3000-person exam.

Ferah Yetkin Perçin

Dealer Training Development Specialist

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