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  • Yıldız Technical University Erasmus English Proficiency Exam

    Yıldız Technical University Erasmus+ English Proficiency Exam is a multiple-choice assessment designed to evaluate applicants' reading comprehension and language use skills. This 50-question exam does not include speaking, writing, or listening components, and incorrect answers will not negatively impact your overall score.

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    Format50 multiple-choice questions (2 points each)
    Passing Score50 points out of 100 (25 correct answers)
    Duration75 minutes

    Test Structure

    SectionNumber of Questions
    Sentence Completion 12
    Fill in the Blanks 6
    Dialogue Completion 5
    Paragraph Completion 4
    Choosing the Main Idea 4
    Closest Meaning 5
    Order Paragraph 3
    Reading 11
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