Istanbul Technical University English Proficiency Exam

Get ready for the ITU English Proficiency Exam. Try sample questions, practice your skills, and improve your chances of passing.

Created by Oya Gücer Kay / March, 2024

The ITU English Proficiency Exam is a rigorous assessment designed to evaluate students' readiness for academic studies conducted in English. This two-session exam tests language comprehension, reading, writing, and listening skills. To pass, students must achieve a minimum score in both sessions and meet the overall score requirements for their intended program.

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Two sessions:

  • Session 1: Language Comprehension & Reading (must pass to proceed)
    • Session 2: Writing & Listening
      Scored out of 50 points per session, 25 minimum to pass.

      ITU English Proficiency Exam 1st Session (120 minutes)

      Number of QuestionsPoints for Each QuestionTotal Points
      Language Comprehension-Cloze Text100.55
      Language Comprehension-Restatement919

      ITU English Proficiency Exam 2nd Session (135 minutes)

      Number of QuestionsPoints for Each QuestionTotal Points
      Writing-Academic Essay(250-350 words)12020
      Writing-Integrated Task11010

      Try a sample test to understand the format and difficulty. Practice your skills and build confidence for exam day.

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