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  • Istanbul Technical University English Proficiency Exam

    The ITU English Proficiency Exam is a rigorous assessment designed to evaluate students' readiness for academic studies conducted in English. This two-session exam tests language comprehension, reading, writing, and listening skills. To pass, students must achieve a minimum score in both sessions and meet the overall score requirements for their intended program.

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    Two sessions:

    • Session 1: Language Comprehension & Reading (must pass to proceed)
      • Session 2: Writing & Listening
        Scored out of 50 points per session, 25 minimum to pass.

        ITU English Proficiency Exam 1st Session (120 minutes)

        Number of QuestionsPoints for Each QuestionTotal Points
        Language Comprehension-Cloze Text100.55
        Language Comprehension-Restatement919

        ITU English Proficiency Exam 2nd Session (135 minutes)

        Number of QuestionsPoints for Each QuestionTotal Points
        Writing-Academic Essay(250-350 words)12020
        Writing-Integrated Task11010

        Try a sample test to understand the format and difficulty. Practice your skills and build confidence for exam day.

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