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    After qualifying through the University Admissions Exam, Gebze Technical University (GTU) students take the GTU English Proficiency Exam. To avoid the English Preparatory School, a score of 70% (56 out of 80 questions answered correctly) is required. Students who don't meet this standard receive additional English language instruction until they reach the required level. Past exams provide a helpful guide to likely question formats.

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    Sample Exam and Preparation

    GTU offers a publicly available sample exam on their website, allowing students to assess their English skills and prepare effectively. Question types mirror those on the actual exam. This resource is equally valuable for students facing similar English assessments at other universities.

    Exam Structure

    The Gebze Technical University Proficiency Exam comprises four sections: Reading, Listening, Use of English, and Vocabulary. With 80 questions and a 180-minute time limit, it's a comprehensive assessment.

    Detailed Section Breakdown

    Listening16 QuestionsTests aural comprehension with Note-Taking Listening and While Listening sub-sections.
    Reading20 QuestionsAsks students to analyze two texts and answer related questions.
    Use of English25 QuestionsAssesses grammar and fluency through Restatement, Cloze Test, and Sentence Completion sub-sections.
    Vocabulary19 questionsEvaluates English vocabulary knowledge.
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