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  • Medipol University English Proficiency Exam

    The Medipol Exam is a two-stage assessment for students in English-medium programs. The first stage evaluates listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. Those who score 75 or higher are exempt from the English Preparatory Program. Students scoring between 60 and 74 can proceed to the second stage, a speaking exam, where a score of 75 or higher is also required for exemption.

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    Exam Structure

    Exam SectionQuestionsPointsSkills Assessed
    Listening2020Note-taking based on a lecture
    Reading2424Comprehension, Interpretation, Main Ideas, Deduction, Vocabulary
    Use of Language2020Grammar
    Vocabulary1616General vocabulary knowledge
    Writing1 Essay20Academic essay format


    Score RangeResult
    60-74Must take additional Speaking Exam
    75-100Passed (B2 CEFR) - Exempt from Prep Program
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