• English Tests of Universities
  • Yeditepe University English Language Proficiency Exam

    The Proficiency Exam consists of two parts: a Multiple Choice Exam and a Writing Exam. This comprehensive assessment evaluates core language competencies.

    • Duration: 75 min.
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      Multiple Choice Exam (80 points)

      • Format: 80 questions with 1 point awarded for each correct answer.


        Use of English20 QuestionsTests grammar, word choice, and sentence construction.
        Vocabulary19 QuestionsAssesses word knowledge and usage.
        Sentence Analysis20 QuestionsFocuses on sentence structure, syntax, and meaning.
        Reading Comprehension21 QuestionsMeasures understanding of written passages.

        Writing Exam (20 points)

        • Task: Choose one provided topic and write a well-structured essay of 300-350 words.
          • Assessment: Evaluated on grammar, vocabulary, content development, and organization.
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