Exporting candidates

Downloading the list of candidates

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

In the Task Manager's candidate panel, candidates' list can be exported in either CSV (Comma Separated Value), HTML, or JSON file format.

Despite CSV being an acronym for "Comma Separated Values," the user can choose their preferred delimiter from the available options, including comma, tab, and semicolon. While a CSV file can be opened with a basic text editor, spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or comparable applications can arrange the values into columns based on the delimiter used in the CSV.

To export a list of candidates, please follow the steps below:

  1. Utilize the search panel located at the top to refine and retrieve the list of candidates that you wish to export. The Dates, Group, Label, Stage, and Rating filters can be used to narrow down your selection.
    1. Once the candidates have been retrieved, they will be displayed in a table below. If desired, you may choose to selectively export certain candidates. Otherwise, if no selections are made, all of the retrieved candidates will be exported.
      1. Select the Export button located at the top of the table. Several options will appear that determine the file format.

        File format options

        After selecting the Export button, you will be presented with several file format options, including:

        • JSON: A file format that can easily be consumed by other software.
          • CSV: This option provides three alternatives for specifying the delimiter used between values.
            • HTML: A file format that can be accessed using any web browser.

              Dividing the data into multiple columns using Microsoft Excel

              If you have selected the CSV file format option, you may use spreadsheet software to split the CSV file into multiple columns by utilizing the "Text to Columns" function and specifying the correct delimiter.

              1. Select the First column of the sheet.
                1. Choose the Data tab located at the top.
                  1. Select the "Text to Columns" button displayed underneath.
                    1. Select the delimiter that corresponds to your choice during the export process.

                      Upon selecting the Finish button, the list of candidates will be displayed in a table view.

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