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  • Protecting the integrity of online assessments

    Online assessments are powerful tools for gathering valuable insights about individuals efficiently and effectively. However, when the integrity of the assessment process is compromised, such as through cheating or prior knowledge of test questions by test-takers, the assessments can quickly become deceptive. This can result in entirely unreliable results that should be avoided when making important decisions.

    At TestInvite, we possess a deep understanding of this dual nature of online assessments. On one hand, they can serve as highly effective and efficient tools for gathering invaluable insights about individuals, facilitating data-driven, equitable decision-making. Nevertheless, their effectiveness hinges on preserving the integrity of the assessment process. On the other hand, if this integrity is compromised—due to cheating or prior access to questions—these assessments can abruptly become misleading. This duality underscores the paramount importance of upholding the integrity of the assessment process, as it directly impacts the dependability of the results.

    That's why, at TestInvite, our central focus is on upholding the integrity of the assessment process and ensuring the reliability of the results. Throughout every stage, from the creation of tests to their delivery and post-analysis, our unwavering commitment is to prioritize the trustworthiness of the outcomes.

    Safeguarding the integrity of the online assessments

    With a proven track record of delivering over 1 million online exams, we've honed our expertise in enhancing assessment security. Our efforts are twofold: Firstly, we focus on preventing test-takers from having prior knowledge of test questions by systematically randomizing questions for each individual. Secondly, we employ measures to block a test-taker's device during the assessment, ensuring they cannot communicate with others or seek answers online. Importantly, all of these security measures are implemented without requiring test-takers to install any third-party software or extensions, respecting their privacy rights and minimizing the risk of IT-related issues.

    Systematically randomized exams

    At TestInvite, we advocate for tests or exams that feature systematically randomized questions. This entails the test engine generating a test session comprising questions that cannot be anticipated in advance. Our advanced test authoring tool makes this possible by enabling the structuring of tests in such a way that each item or group of items has its own set of alternative options. The engine then randomly selects from these options, ensuring that each test-taker receives a distinctive compilation of questions that is both unpredictable and unique in combination.

    Even though the questions are randomized for each test-taker, our unique systematic approach also ensures that each test-taker is presented with the same number of questions in each subject and difficulty level. This is how our exams achieve both security and well-balanced assessments, ensuring that each test session covers the same difficulty levels and subjects.

    100% web-based lockdown assessment mode with proctoring

    At TestInvite, our assessments are conducted using a dedicated web application that establishes a secure lockdown assessment mode. In this mode, test-takers can only use the device for taking the test and are prevented from accessing other tabs, apps, or windows simultaneously. This measure ensures that test-takers cannot communicate with external resources, such as ChatGPT or online friends, to prevent cheating.

    Along with delivering exams in a secured lockdown web environment, TestInvite offers the capability to proctor exams by simultaneously recording both the test-takers' webcams and screens. These media streams can be closely monitored in real-time by proctors to ensure the integrity of the assessment process, and they can also be analyzed by cheating detection algorithms to assist proctors.

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