• Our Manifesto
  • Transforming superficial assessment results into valuable insights

    Alongside the assurance of reliable results, TestInvite stands out by offering the ability to design exams that provide in-depth analyses. Unlike basic exams that yield simple scores, TestInvite empowers the measurement and comparison of various dimensions within individuals, offering valuable insights into their profiles. This functionality enables the identification of individuals' strengths, weaknesses, and orientations across a wide spectrum of aspects.

    Designing assessments that produce valuable insights facilitating accurate decision-making

    The aim of online assessments is to support data-driven, objective, and effective decision-making. That's why, from the outset, TestInvite has devoted substantial effort to ensure assessments provide comprehensive results for well-informed decision-making.

    Multidimensional exams

    Unlike basic exams that provide a single overall score, TestInvite enables the creation of exams that assess multiple facets of individuals. This is achieved by assigning exam questions to their respective dimensions and structuring these dimensions hierarchically, allowing for detailed analysis with breakdowns.

    Comparative results

    TestInvite not only calculates an individual's scores but also automatically generates norms or incorporates benchmarks. This allows for the comparison of individuals' scores for each dimension, facilitating the analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

    Tailored reporting

    We understand that each exam is unique in its objectives and priorities. That's why we offer the capability to personalize the reports generated by the exam. This includes incorporating custom scoring algorithms, introducing tailored designs to elegantly present the desired outputs, and branding the report to match your organization's look and feel.

    Advanced analytics

    TestInvite goes beyond measuring individuals; it also assesses the performance of all contributors, including exam items and instructors, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors contributing to the final results. Advanced analytics enable the identification of well-performing and poorly-performing questions, while grouping test-takers by various attributes helps uncover what is performing as expected and why.

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