• Our Manifesto
  • Cultivating reliability and insight in online assessments

    At TestInvite, we firmly believe that the true value of online assessments lies in their ability to deliver reliable and insightful results. We consider reliability and insightfulness to be the two fundamental pillars of a valuable assessment outcome. As a result, our solution is specialized to prioritize and excel in these critical areas. We are committed to continuously enhancing our techniques and practices to ensure that assessments consistently yield dependable and informative results.

    With a wealth of experience gained from working with thousands of reputable organizations in over 90 countries and delivering over 2 million online assessments, we have developed a two-step approach. This approach ensures that assessments consistently generate dependable and enlightening results, enhancing fair and informed decision-making regarding individuals. 

    1. The initial phase concentrates on implementing best practices in assessment design to guarantee the fairness and equity of the test for all individuals. This encompasses creating a multidimensional test that assesses various aspects of individuals, maintaining a well-balanced distribution of questions across subjects and difficulty levels, and enabling the use of multiple time and navigation controls in different sections of the test. Even though the test questions can be randomized by our advanced test engine, which employs systematic techniques, this approach ensures that test-takers cannot gain prior knowledge of the questions. Instead, they are evaluated against an equitable distribution of questions in predefined subjects and difficulties.
      1. The second phase is dedicated to the secure delivery of the test, emphasizing the rigorous safeguarding of its integrity throughout the process. Our secured lockdown web application is designed to prevent test-takers from accessing other tabs, apps, and communication with others using the device. It is fortified with webcam recording, screen recording, real-time proctoring, and post-proctoring procedures, all of which are assisted by automatic cheating detection mechanisms. These measures work in unison to safeguard the integrity of the assessment results.

        Fully web-based, secure, and insightful assessments

        Our distinctive approach brings together the two paramount characteristics of online assessments, aligning them to yield the most dependable and enlightening results possible. This is achieved without the need for installing any third-party apps or extensions. Everything seamlessly operates within a standard web browser, readily available on billions of devices worldwide.

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