Çiçek Sepeti's Strategic Talent Acquisition Success with Testinvite

What were their objectives?

In the vibrant realm of Turkish e-commerce, Çiçek Sepeti has gracefully evolved from a beloved flower delivery service into a multi-faceted enterprise. To sustain this ambitious growth, the company recognized the need for a robust talent acquisition strategy that prioritized efficiency, consistency, and a positive candidate experience. With these goals in mind, Çiçek Sepeti partnered with Testinvite, a leading online assessment platform.

HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
Employee Count400+
GoalÇiçek Sepeti seeks a smarter way to build their exceptional team with efficient, targeted recruitment.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

Standardized Assessments for Consistency: Embraced a standardized assessment approach using TestInvite's features. Designed custom tests tailored to specific needs and implemented consistent tests year-round for streamlined evaluation.

Robust Security Measures for Integrity: Utilized TestInvite's security features, including photo capture and a lockdown browser. Upheld the integrity of assessments, ensuring a secure and fair evaluation process.

Efficient Candidate Management: Simplified candidate organization through TestInvite's built-in grouping feature. Grouped candidates based on position names, saving time and resources, and eliminating manual sorting and tedious tasks.

Enhanced Candidate Experience: Prioritized a positive candidate experience through TestInvite's diverse tests. Leveraged single-task functionality, allowing candidates to navigate seamlessly through a single link and streamlining the overall user experience.

What additional value did TestInvite provide?

TestInvite brings substantial additional value to Çiçek Sepeti's talent acquisition strategy. It introduces consistency by offering a standardized approach to assessments, ensuring fairness and efficiency throughout the evaluation process. The platform's robust security measures, including photo capture and a lockdown browser, are instrumental in upholding the integrity of assessments, providing confidence in the hiring decisions made by Çiçek Sepeti. Furthermore, TestInvite enhances efficiency by streamlining candidate management, resulting in significant time and resource savings for the company. Additionally, the platform prioritizes a positive candidate experience, contributing to a seamless and user-friendly journey for individuals navigating the assessment process.

What outcomes and successes were achieved?

Achieved a streamlined evaluation workflow through standardized assessments. Upheld the integrity of assessments, boosting confidence in hiring decisions. Saved valuable time and resources by efficiently organizing candidates. Contributed to overall satisfaction by prioritizing a positive candidate experience.

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