Listing the questions

Exploring and paginating the list of questions

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

To retrieve the questions that match your filter criteria, select a folder and optionally select some tags within the question retrieval panel, then click the "List Questions" button.

Exploring the retrieved list of questions

All questions that match your search criteria will be retrieved from the question bank and displayed below.

  1. The list may consist of one or multiple pages, which you can navigate by clicking on the "Previous" and "Next" buttons located at the bottom of the question list.
    1. You can configure how many questions to be listed with the page.
      1. You can specify the attribute by which to sort the questions.
        Sorting will only apply to the questions displayed on the current page. If you want to sort the entire list of questions, you can increase the value of the "Page Length" attribute.
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