Deleting questions

Removing unwanted questions

Created by Mustafa Ekim

To delete questions from your question bank, follow these steps:

  1. Retrieve the questions you would like to delete
    1. Select the desired questions from the retrieved question list
      1. Click on the "Delete" button located at the top right corner of the question list.

        What happens to deleted questions that are already in a test?

        If a question is already in a test, the system will archive the question and make it available to the tests that use it.

        Is it possible to undo a deleted question?

        After a question has been deleted, all indexes that link the question to the question bank are removed. If the question is still in use within a test, it will be archived. Because of this process, it is technically possible to recover a deleted question within a certain period of time.

        If you delete a question, you cannot undo it yourself. However, you can contact the support team to request an undo. The team will inform you if the question is in a recoverable state and provide information on any service fees required to recover the question, if possible.
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