Assets library

Creating a central repository of content for test-takers

Created by Mustafa Ekim / November, 2022

The asset library is a central repository of images and other multimedia content that can be made available to test-takers during the test.

Consider using the asset library to provide content or images that you want your test-takers to access during the test. Placing them on a test page will require the test-taker to navigate back and forth between pages, while the asset library provides easy access to all necessary resources in one place.

To activate the asset library, click on the blue button located next to the gear icon and choose the Active option on the dialog provided.

To add content to the asset library, simply click on the red plus icon located at the top left corner of the page.

  1. You have the option to include either a standalone image or compose a rich content that can contain formatted text, images, audio, video clips, mathematical expressions, and more.
    1. When adding an item to the asset library, it is important to provide a title for the item as it will be displayed to the test-taker when browsing through the available items in the library
      1. Select a container for the item that will be displayed to the test-taker in the testing interface. The available options are the Resizable Panel and the Overlay Window.
        The "Zooming" extension is supported by standalone images, which enables the test-taker to zoom into the image up to 10 times its original size.

        Previewing the asset library

        After adding items to the asset library, you can click on the Preview button (4) to observe how it functions in the testing interface.

        Accessing the asset library during the test

        The test-taker can access the asset library by clicking on the corresponding button located on the left sidebar of the test page. The titles of all items in the library will be displayed, and clicking on a title will open the item inside the chosen container, whether it is a Resizable panel or a Overlay window.

        The resizable panel

        When an item of type "Panel" has been selected by the test-taker, the item is presented inside a resizable panel at the left corner of the testing interface.

        The test-taker has the ability to both resize and move the panel to a location on the page that provides a comfortable view.

        The panel container enables the test-taker to open and view multiple library items simultaneously, while the Window container allows for one item to be displayed at a time.

        Zooming extension

        If the zooming extension is enabled for the standalone image item, the test-taker can easily zoom in and out of the image as per their requirement.

        The overlay window

        The overlay window displays the item in full-screen size, without permitting the test-taker to move or resize the window.

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