Previewing the test

Ensuring proper functionality of the test

Created by Mustafa Ekim

Previewing your test during its design phase is highly recommended to ensure that it functions properly.

To preview your test, click on the red eye icon located at the top right of the test designer. You will be presented with two mode options.

  • Test mode: The test-taker is expected to answer all questions without receiving any feedback.
    • Practice mode: In this mode, the test-taker receives feedback on their performance every time they submit a page of the test. This includes information about both correct and incorrect answers, as well as any associated feedback for each question.

      During the test preview, it is recommended to check the following essential functionalities to ensure that the test is functioning as intended:

      • The time limits you configured on the pages, sections and the entire test.
        • The navigation restrictions
          • The way the mandatory questions are handled
            • The order of the sections, pages, questions and choices
              • Randomization of the test questions and pages
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