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TestInvite is a premier online examination platform trusted by organizations worldwide for its comprehensive suite of exam creation, hosting, and management tools. Ensure reliable results with robust anti-cheating safeguards. Try now!

Created by Mustafa Ekim / February, 2024

TestInvite stands out as a premier online examination platform, offering organizations in over 90 countries worldwide a comprehensive suite of tools for creating, hosting, and managing customized exams.

With its robust anti-cheating safeguards, TestInvite ensures the reliability and dependability of exam results, making it a preferred choice for organizations seeking secure and trustworthy assessment solutions.

Question Banking

One of the key features of TestInvite is its question bank module, which enables organizations to centralize exam questions and categorize them efficiently using a flexible tag system. This simplifies the process of utilizing various question types across multiple tests, while also providing performance tracking capabilities.

Exam Authoring Tools

The exam authoring tools provided by TestInvite allow for the creation of highly personalized exams. Users can organize questions into sections and pages, customize configurations such as time controls and question randomization, and align exams with specific measurement objectives or learning outcomes. The platform generates in-depth reports that pinpoint test-takers' strengths and weaknesses, facilitating informed decision-making.

Assessment Editor

TestInvite's assessment editor further enhances the exam process by enabling the design of assessment processes for single or multiple exams. Users can specify how individuals receive personalized email invitations, access assessments, and navigate through the exam process, with customizable rules for progressing through series of exams.

Exam Security

To uphold the integrity of exams, TestInvite offers comprehensive anti-cheating measures such as online proctoring and a lockdown testing environment. Additional features like webcam and screen recording, real-time monitoring and chat, and time and navigation controls further contribute to preventing cheating attempts, ensuring a secure and reliable exam experience.

Unlock the Power of TestInvite: Your Ultimate Online Exam Solution

In conclusion, TestInvite empowers organizations to confidently conduct exams that accurately assess test-takers' abilities while adhering to the highest standards of security and reliability. With its extensive features and flexibility, TestInvite is the ideal solution for organizations seeking to create, host, and manage tailored exams efficiently and effectively. Try TestInvite today and experience the power of a leading online examination platform.

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