5-Step Journey for Successful Assessments

Tests have enormous potential but are often underutilized due to a lack of competent tools needed for designing high-quality tests and administering them correctly. Our analysis revealed that many assessment tools available in the market lack essential features necessary for generating reliable and insightful results. As assessment specialists, follow these 5 steps to ensure the success of your assessment process:

  1. Craft a list of measurement aspects and organize them in a tree-like structure
    1. Develop test questions that map to each of the specific aspects being measured and create well-balanced tests
      1. Administer tests using secure features to prevent cheating
        1. Utilize auto-generated norms to gain a comprehensive understanding of test-taker strengths and weaknesses,
          1. Analyze test scores to identify weak-performing questions and improve competency identification.

            Testinvite was created to address these challenges, a top-tier assessment platform designed to provide the necessary tools and features for creating high-quality tests that output reliable and insightful results. With over 500 advanced features, Testinvite empowers assessment specialists to maximize the potential of their assessment processes with its rich question banking, test authoring, and design and administration tools. Join the Testinvite community of assessment specialists from organizations across 80+ countries, and together we can fully leverage the power of tests.

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