Straightforward Mock Placement Test

Evaluate your English for free! Take our Straightforward mock placement test and discover your proficiency level. Identify your strengths and target areas for improvement.

Created by TestInvite / February, 2024

Discover your English proficiency level with the free Straightforward Mock Placement Test. This series of four assessments helps you accurately determine your current skills. Each 50-question test focuses on grammar and vocabulary, providing valuable insights into your strengths and areas for improvement.

Assessment Details

Number of Tests4
TopicsGrammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension
Duration45 mins for each test
Number of Questions50 questions per test

Straightforward English Level Test Content

TestDurationPlacement LevelsTest Links
Quick English Level Determination Test45 min.Below Elementary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-IntermediateGo to Test
Beginner and First Level Placement45 min.Beginner, Elementary (First Level)Go to Test
Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate Placement45 min.Pre-Intermediate, IntermediateGo to Test
Upper-Intermediate and Advanced Placement45 min.Upper-Intermediate, AdvancedGo to Test
  • Begin with our general assessment, then progress to specialized tests for Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate/Advanced levels. This suite helps you accurately identify your optimal learning path.
    • After finishing the test, you'll receive a detailed report showing all questions, your responses, correct answers, and areas for improvement.
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