General English Test Series

Get ready for your English exam! Practice with our free General English Test Series. 9 exams, 10 questions each, instant feedback to track progress.

Created by TestInvite / February, 2024

Sharpen your English grammar skills with the free General English Test Series! This series of practice exams offers focused exercises covering a wide range of essential grammar topics. Test your knowledge and receive instant feedback to identify areas for improvement.

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Test Details

TopicsGrammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension
DurationNo Time Limit
Total Questions90
Structure9 practice exams (10 questions each)
Grammar Topics CoveredNoun/Adjective/Adverbial Clauses, Tenses, Modal Auxiliaries, Prepositions, Gerunds/Infinitives/Participles/Causatives, Phrasal Verbs

After finishing the test, you'll receive a detailed report showing all questions, your responses, correct answers, and areas for improvement.

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