Workflow for API Integration

The most common workflow when using Testinvite's API

Created by Mustafa Ekim / September, 2022

The most common scenario for using the Testinvite's API is as below:

  • You application makes a call (CREATE TICKETS) to Testinvite's API for the creation of one or multiple Tickets for a Task that you choose.
    • Testinvite creates the Tickets inside your Task and returns back the tracking IDs as well as the Access links for the test-takers.
      • You application shares the Access links with the test-takers.
        • Each test-taker follows the given Access link and a new Assessment is created.
          • The test-taker takes the Tests inside the Task. Everytime a test-taker starts a Test, a new Test session is created. When a Test session ends, Testinvite sends your application the result of the Test session. (POSTING BACK TEST SESSION RESULTS)
            In this simple scenario, your application and Testinvite communicate 2 times per test-taker. The first is when your application makes an API call to request for the creation of a Ticket. The second is when the test-taker completes a Test, Testinvite makes a call to your application.

            Some further details

            You application can create multiple Tickets at once

            When you application makes an API call to request creating tickets, you can submit multiple test-takers. The maximum is 200 test-takers per call.

            Email invitations can automatically be sent by Testinvite

            When you application makes an API call to request creating tickets, you can also ask for sending email invitations to each test-taker. In this scenario, Testinvite will send invitation emails so your application does not need to share the Access links with the test-takers.

            For sending emails, you should provide an Email Template name. You Email Template should have placeholders for Access links, so that the email each test-taker receives has the Access link inside. You can create an Email Template inside your Task editor.

            Testinvite calls your application back for posting the results of Test sessions only if your  application provides a Callback URL while creating Tickets

            When your application makes a request for creating tickets, a Callback URL and custom parameters can be provided. Only if the Call Back URL is provided, Testinvite will send your application back the results of Test sessions whenever one completes.

            You application can query the results of Test sessions as well

            While creating tickets, your application will be provided the tracking IDs for each test-taker. Later on, your application can use these tracking IDs to query the Test sessions that have been completed.

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