API Endpoints & Webhooks

The API endpoints and Webhooks that you can use to integrate with Testinvite assessment software

Created by Mustafa Ekim / September, 2022

API Endpoints

Please find below the endpoints for the API service.

ServiceEndpointHTTP MethodWhen to useDocumentation
Create Ticketshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/create-ticketsPOSTTo create new tickets for a TaskClick here
Query Test Resultshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/query-test-resultsPOSTTo fetch Test resultsClick here
Fetch Monitoring Assetshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/fetch-monitoring-assetsPOSTTo fetch recorded proctoring materials like photos and videos of a Test sessionClick here
Fetch Taskshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/fetch-tasksPOSTTo fetch all TasksClick here


Please find below the Webhooks that Testinvite provides

WebhookWhen it is triggeredDocumentation
Post Back Test ResultsWhen a test session completesClick here
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