API Endpoints & Webhooks

The API endpoints and Webhooks that you can use to integrate with Testinvite assessment software

Created by Mustafa Ekim

API Endpoints

Please find below the endpoints for the API service.

ServiceEndpointHTTP MethodWhen to useDocumentation
Create Ticketshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/create-ticketsPOSTTo create new tickets for a TaskClick here
Query Test Resultshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/query-test-resultsPOSTTo fetch Test resultsClick here
Fetch Monitoring Assetshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/fetch-monitoring-assetsPOSTTo fetch recorded proctoring materials like photos and videos of a Test sessionClick here
Fetch Taskshttps://www.testinvite.com/api/v1/fatih/fetch-tasksPOSTTo fetch all TasksClick here


Please find below the Webhooks that Testinvite provides

WebhookWhen it is triggeredDocumentation
Post Back Test ResultsWhen a test session completesClick here
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