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Setting up a login page for users

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

An organization can have a single Super Admin, also known as the organization owner.

The organization's Super Admin must establish a login URL to allow users created under the organization to access their accounts.

Creating a login URL for users

To set up the login URL, go to the Organization module, and click on the Settings box. A form will appear, allowing you to create a unique key for your organization. This key is utilized to generate your organization's login URL.

After registering a unique key for your organization, the login URL is automatically generated.

Adding a page header to the login page

To display your own page header on your organization's login page, use the rich content editor located below the Page header section of the same form.

The login page

Upon visiting your organization's generated login URL, you will encounter a page containing both the page header you have created and the login panel, which users of your organization can use to log in.

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