Tracking sent emails

Monitor the delivery and interaction of emails

Created by Mustafa Ekim / February, 2023

Once you click the "Send" button in the email generator, the newly created emails are added to a queue to be sent. The system processes the emails in the queue and typically sends them within 1 to 5 minutes of being added.

Listing the emails

You can access all the emails that you have submitted for delivery through the Emails panel in your Task manager.

Email statuses

  • An email that is added to the queue will have a status of "Pending."
    • Once the system processes the email and sends it, the status will change to "Sent."
      • If the recipient email address is invalid or for any other reason the email is rejected by the receiver's server, the email's status will be updated to "Failed."

        Email deliverability

        Just because an email has been sent does not guarantee that it has been received in the recipient's inbox. Due to the inherent nature of the email protocol, it is impossible to guarantee that an email will always be delivered to the recipient's inbox. Several factors can affect email delivery, including spam filtering and the recipient's email server being offline.

        Testinvite employs reputable email providers, such as Sendgrid and Mailgun, and utilizes dedicated IP addresses for the vast majority of emails sent. As a result, our email inbox rate is over 99.5%.

        All emails sent from the Task manager originate from the "" email address. However, it is possible to personalize the name of the sender and the reply-to address, so that any email replies are directed to your inbox.

        Testinvite uses dedicated IP addresses for both Sendgrid and Mailgun email providers. The majority of our emails are sent from our own IP addresses, with Sendgrid using IP address and Mailgun using IP address

        Actions you can take to enhance email deliverability

        1. You can ask recipients to add the email address to their address book or contact list
          1. It's best to avoid using an excessive number of images and links in your email, as this can hurt deliverability by increasing the likelihood that the email will be marked as spam or a promotional campaign.
            1. In the event that an email's status is marked as Sent but the recipient insists that they have not received it, you can try resending the email using Testinvite's alternative email provider options, Sendgrid and Mailgun.

              Sending a high volume of emails at once

              If you intend to send a large volume of emails (more than a few hundred) at once, Testinvite will queue them and process them in a sequence to minimize the possibility of your emails being marked as spam.

              For large-scale assessments that will have thousands of participants taking part in real time, it's advisable to send email invitations a few hours before the assessment start time. Additionally, it's important to configure your task's access date, which will inform candidates that the assessment is scheduled to begin at a specific date and time. This information should be prominently displayed on the assessment welcome page.

              Tracking emails

              Using the email panel, you can track sent emails. By clicking on the feedback list beside the relevant email, you can access a list of tracking events such as opens, clicks, and more.

              Providing a list of the recorded events for an email.
              Providing a list of the recorded events for an email.
              The recorded events for an email are updated in real-time, although a delay of a few minutes may occur.
              It's essential to understand that email tracking information is not always entirely reliable due to the nature of the email protocol. The tracking process involves various techniques that may not always be accurate.

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