Alignment of choices

Vertical, horizontal and grid displays

Created by Mustafa Ekim / March, 2023

To adjust the alignment of answer choices in a Multiple-Choice question, navigate to the Display tab within the Question Editor and select your preferred Display type.

Flex display

In Flex Display, you can choose to align answer choices in either a row or column format.

Presenting the choices vertically

Selecting the Row option will display answer choices horizontally

Presenting the choices horizontally

Selecting the Column option will present answer choices vertically.

Grid display

Grid Display option presents answer choices in a table format. You can customize the number of columns within the table to control how the choices are displayed.

Presenting the options in a grid of 4 columns<br>
Presenting the options in a grid of 4 columns

Dropdown display

Dropdown option will display answer choices in a dropdown list format. The dropdown list will adhere to the configured minimum and maximum selection settings.

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