The most common questions that new customers ask about Testinvite's capabilities

Testinvite assessment software supports multiple languages for both test-taker and test administration screens. Test-taker screens are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. Test administration screens support English, French, Spanish, and Turkish. If your preferred language is not on the list, you can contact our team to request its addition for either test-taker screens, test administration screens, or both.

Testinvite implements multiple measures to secure the assessment process and prevent cheating attempts, including locking down the screen, recording the screen and webcam, live proctoring, automatic cheating detection using AI algorithms, live chat with test-takers, and post-proctoring. Post-proctoring involves reviewing recorded webcam videos after the test to detect any suspicious behavior, either manually by a human proctor or automatically using AI algorithms. Various test settings such as time limits, navigation restrictions, and question shuffling enhance security.

Testinvite is capable of proctoring more than 100,000 test-takers simultaneously, recording and streaming their webcam and screen videos. The number of test-takers a single proctor can monitor at once depends on factors like the proctor's computer and internet connection, typically ranging from 30 to 40 test-takers on a single screen.

Testinvite is built to handle large-scale assessments, as it is a cloud-native solution, which means that the infrastructure can scale automatically as needed.

Please refer to this link to learn more about how we handle large scale assessments.

In Testinvite, you can create diverse question types, including multiple-choice, short answer, essay, speaking, listening, matching, reading, and more. Additionally, you can include various media materials in your questions, such as images, reading passages, audio, video, and mathematical expressions and formulas.

Testinvite provides advanced question banking features enabling storage of a large number of questions organized using folders and tags. The platform automatically indexes all questions, facilitating quick access to the appropriate set when needed. Questions can be organized in folders and assigned multiple tags, allowing for efficient filtering through the question bank user interface.

Testinvite provides flexibility in test authoring, allowing creation of tests measuring skills, knowledge, personality, culture, and more. If you require assistance in building a specific test, we've aided numerous customers in crafting highly customized tests and are eager to assist you too. Simply provide details about the test you wish to create, and we'll review the information and get back to you promptly.

Testinvite offers extensive flexibility in customizing test reports, allowing you to create the desired report look by writing custom functions and importing custom-made templates. When creating reporting templates, you can utilize JavaScript functions for interpreting, modifying, and classifying test results. Additionally, HTML and CSS can be used to design new reporting layouts according to your preferences.

Testinvite supports collaboration within organization accounts by enabling the addition of teammates with different roles and permissions. Roles determine the sections of the account accessible to each teammate, such as question banking, test creation, and administration. Permissions further refine access by specifying which tasks within those sections are permitted for each teammate.

Testinvite does offer an API integration option, allowing other applications to communicate with Testinvite for automating certain tasks. To try the API, you can contact one of our sales representatives who will provide access, along with documentation and Postman collections to facilitate your integration process.

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