The most common questions that new customers ask about Testinvite's capabilities

Testinvite assessment software has two main components: the test-taker screens and the test administration screens. The test-taker screens support the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. The test administration screens support these languages: English, French, Spanish, and Turkish. Read More
Testinvite has several measures in place to secure the assessment process and prevent cheating attempts. These include: locking down the screen, recording the screen, recording the webcam, live proctoring, automatic cheating detection using AI algorithms, live chat with test-takers, and post-proctoring. Additionally, various test settings can contribute to the security of the assessment, such as time limits at multiple levels of the test, navigation restrictions, shuffling of questions, and randomizing questions. Read More
Testinvite is built to handle large-scale assessments, as it is a cloud-native solution, which means that the infrastructure can scale automatically as needed. Read More
In Testinvite, you can create various types of questions, including but not limited to multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, essay questions, speaking questions, listening questions, matching questions, reading questions, and more. Read More
Testinvite offers advanced question banking features that allow you to store a large number of questions and keep them organized using folders and tags. Read More
Testinvite offers great flexibility when it comes to test authoring. You can create various types of tests that measure skills, knowledge, personality, culture and more. Read More
Testinvite is one of the most flexible assessment solutions available when it comes to customizing test reports. You can write custom functions and import custom-made templates to create the desired report look. Read More
With Testinvite, collaboration within an organization account is supported. You can add teammates and assign different roles and permissions, allowing each team member access to only the sections of the account they are authorized to see. Read More