Billing and payment

Common questions regarding billing and payments.

Testinvite uses a credit-based system, meaning that you must have sufficient credits in your account to conduct tests. These credits can be purchased at any time, and once individuals start accessing the tests, the system will automatically deduct the corresponding number of credits from your account. Read More
Volume-based discounts are available only for the Pro and Enterprise plans. Read More
We have all our prices available online and we do not have any hidden costs. Read More
Accepted payment methods include credit card and bank transfer. Read More
To configure your invoicing details, go to the left menu and select 'Organization'. Then navigate to the 'Billing' section, where you will find a form to enter your company's invoice information. Read More
Invoices are sent to the email on file for your account once they are generated. Read More
We do offer enterprise plans for larger organizations and businesses. These plans may include features such as training, a dedicated account manager and customer service, data migration, custom development, integration and content creation services. Read More