AHK Midwest: TestInvite Optimizes Training

How AHK Midwest uses TestInvite for a more efficient training experience.

Created by TestInvite / March, 2024

What were their objectives?

The German American Chamber of Commerce (AHK USA) sought to streamline their training and testing processes. This included improved organization with categorized question banks, efficient multi-step tasks and tests with sections, and the ability to fulfill enterprise-level custom development needs for a tailored testing application.

How did they achieve their goals with TestInvite?

TestInvite provided AHK USA with a platform that addressed these specific requirements. The platform's tagging system allowed for organized question libraries, while its support for multi-step workflows with sections streamlined the creation of complex assessments. Uniquely, TestInvite offered AHK USA the ability to work with their development team to create a customized testing application that perfectly suited their operations.

The additional value provided by TestInvite?

Beyond core functionalities, AHK USA discovered additional benefits with TestInvite. The platform's adaptability allowed them to create a flexible testing experience for various training programs and user groups. Furthermore, TestInvite's scalability ensured the platform could accommodate AHK USA's growing demand for online assessments as their training programs expanded.

The outcomes and successes achieved?

By using TestInvite, AHK USA achieved significant improvements in their training and testing. Organized question libraries and multi-step workflows streamlined test creation and delivery. The tailored testing application provided a more user-friendly experience for both test creators and participants. The platform likely offered features for data collection and analysis, allowing AHK USA to gain valuable insights from their assessments.

Geneva Scurek, Senior Manager of Training, Exams, and Certifications at the AHK USA, praised TestInvite's versatility and responsiveness. She emphasized the platform's ability to facilitate testing, proctoring, and evaluation from anywhere with secure limited access setups. Scurek also appreciated the control AHK USA had as administrators, including setting up access and managing the entire testing process. The platform's customization options addressed their unique testing needs, and the straightforward points payment system simplified budgeting. Scurek concluded by stating that no other test or proctoring service compared to TestInvite.

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