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Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension

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General English Test Series: Free Online Practice Exams

By means of General English Test Series you can attain information about your language skills. English Test Series, that is divided by its topics has 9 practice exams, each containing 10 English test questions. These English practice tests, because they are completely towards having practice and assessing English grammar, they are prepared so that you can check the correctness of your answers.

General English Test Series Content

Basic English grammar topics found in General English Test Series are listed as follows and each test contains questions linked with these topics:

  1. Noun/Adjective/Adverbial Clauses
  2. Tenses: Active/Passive
  3. Modal Auxiliaries
  4. Prepositions
  5. Prepositions After Adjectives and Verbs
  6. Gerunds/Infinitives/Participles/Causatives
  7. Phrasal Verbs
  8. Vocabulary

After the test is completed, all the English questions and the answers related to the questions, questions answered incorrectly or left blank are displayed in the test report with the correct answers.

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