Assessment Day Practice Test Series

The Assessment Day Practice Test Series is designed to help candidates familiarize themselves with the types of questions and test formats they can expect to encounter during the recruitment process. The series consists of 9 tests that measure various aspects of candidates' reasoning abilities.

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SectionTopicsNumber of QuestionsDurationDifficultyCalculator
Inductive (Deductive) Reasoning Test - 1 Logical problem solving, methodical thinking (visual or graphic patterns)2225 minMediumNo
Inductive (Deductive) Reasoning Test - 2 Logical problem solving, methodical thinking (logical sequences of five numbers with one missing)1512 minEasyNo
Numerical Reasoning Test - 1 Processing and interpreting numerical data2121 minMediumNo
Numerical Reasoning Test - 2 Numerical reasoning1212 minEasyYes
Diagrammatic Reasoning Test - 1 Inductive pattern recognition and complex problem solving (Set-based)3025 minMediumNo
Diagrammatic Reasoning Test - 2 Inductive pattern recognition and complex problem solving (Diagrammatic)2018 minEasyNo
Verbal Reasoning Test - 1 Understanding written texts, verbal comprehension, reasoning3025 minMediumNo
Verbal Reasoning Test - 2 Logic, comprehension, and reasoning3020 minEasyNo
Situational Judgment Test (SJT) Scenarios related to the applied position820 min-No
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