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How Sanofi Is Using Testinvite Exam Maker To Conduct Exams

Testinvite Customer: Sanofi
Istanbul, Turkey
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Sanofi Sales Force Effectiveness Unit | Case Study

Sanofi Turkey is a biopharmaceutical company that provides services in the health sector. Within this long-run service period, Sanofi Turkey has always believed in the continuous development of the employees.

Specifically, Sanofi Turkey has attached particular importance to creating an experienced and competent sales force. Sales Force Effectiveness Unit had established as a training unit in the corporate following this purpose. The Unit has planned continuous development activities and assessment processes to equip the sales force with product-specific knowledge and marketing experiences.


Sanofi Turkey Sales Force Effectiveness Unit organizes exams regularly every year to drug-specific sales groups and tests their knowledge about drug, medical, and marketing categories for each. Therefore, Sanofi Turkey established the examination structure that is also an obligatory application from Sanofi Global. The purposes of these examinations are to assess the knowledge of sales teams and to determine development areas. Also, the Unit decided to conduct its assessment and evaluation processes in an online setting because of providing minimum deviation of workflow and detailed assessment reports.

In this conceptual framework, the most critical issues during the examination are handling a high level of participation, managing the operation, and creating an elaborative assessment and evaluation procedure.


Since 2020, all of these processes have been administered remotely and securely by the Unit at Test Invite. Online exams had taken by sales personnel via iPads in five different periods in a year. Approximately 2500 exam sessions have been conducted via Testinvite within this period. Thus, the Unit can organize a high level of participation and provide detailed assessment reports.

Managing the Operation:

Managing the operation with test security enables the company to handle the high level of participation reliably. Therefore;

  • All personnel started each examination at a given time without problems.
  • Questions and choices had shuffled for each test-takers. Thus, each test-taker had taken the test with a different structure.
  • Time limits had determined following the features and length of exams.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Detailed assessment and evaluation procedures enable the company to determine the development areas and sales effectiveness strategy. Therefore;

  • The Unit classifies questions into several categories, subjects, and drug-specific groups at the extensive question bank. Thus, the particular results of each test-taker had detailed to each sub-dimension until the most specific scope.
  • The exam result reports and Q&A reports had created until the most specific outcomes.
  • With the Q&A analysis, the pros and cons of sales teams had determined and determined subjects that are open for development.

Online Testing and Assessment Process | Step by Step

The Sales for Effectiveness Unit had planned the participation of nearly 500 employees for each exam schedule. Testinvite Operation Team and Assessment Team managed the processes professionally according to the planning. Testinvite guaranteed professional and organized applications about administration, test security, and detailed reporting and assessment.

For these processes, Testinvite took actions that line up below for applications;

  • Transfering each question to the online question bank
  • Creation of exams with a plan for each sales team
  • Sending exam invitations for each person
  • Providing a high level of technical and operational support before-during-after the process
  • Faultless administration of the exams for ten different drug-specific groups
  • Providing detailed analyses and reports for each participant and groups for in-depth assessment


  1. Managed 2500+ online exams without security concerns
  2. The total participation rate exceeded 95% (In April 2020 - 99%)
  3. Employees' knowledge levels about subjects and products were analyzing. Thus, the subsequent development path for each employee had been established by the corporate.
  4. Questions that the employees had fewer and more difficulties were determining with question-based success analysis. Thereon, the Unit increased the efficiency of the training strategy.
  5. The new training strategy provided to the sales force increased the effectiveness of other cycles of business.
  6. Completely prevented the deviation of workflow.
The flexibility of the question bank enabled detailed measurement and reporting in different categories. Thus, we were able to transfer more data to the development side. The support provided by the Test Invite team during the exams enabled us to manage the processes smoothly.

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