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Eraslan College Uses Online Assessment System Testinvite to Conduct Exams

Testinvite Customer: Eraslan College
Izmir, Turkey
Conducting semester, scholarship, and entrance exams for students in an online setting.
Providing exam security.

The used Products

Video record via webcam

Video Recording via Webcam

Test operators take video recordings from test-takers exams.

Fullscreen Lockdown Browser

Fullscreen Lockdown Browser

Test operators enable the "full-screen lock" setting and prevent test-takers from leaving the test screen

Question shuffler

Shuffle Questions

Test makers shuffle orders, sections, and choices of questions.

Eraslan College | Case Study

Eraslan College is an educational institution located in İzmir, Turkey. Eraslan is a leading institution in the education sector in Turkey with 25 years of expertise for different levels. It offers a highly-qualified education from kindergarten level to high-school level students. Besides, they give particular importance to protecting the high quality of education. Therefore, the college conducts entrance and scholarship examinations for selecting the most talented students for each level.


After the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, Eraslan College had a break from face-to-face courses for each level and began to offer online courses. Their modern approach and experiences in education led to a rapid transition to online courses. However, the college needed to start a strategic collaboration for online student assessment. Because of this need, Testinvite ensured the student assessment software to Eraslan College and facilitated a secure, and easy-to-use assessment environment for both students and teachers.

In this conceptual framework, the most critical issue for Eraslan College during the Covid-19 situation was online exam security for periodic exams in planned semesters. In addition, detailed exam reports were also important for a fair assessment of students' learning outcomes.


At the beginning of the collaboration, Eraslan College used Testinvite Assessment Software for periodic exams during the 2020/2021 education year. Approximately 400 students from fifth grade to tenth grade participated in the online exams in 9 months. However, after this successful process, the college conducted their entrance exams with Testinvite. Approximately 350 students applied for the scholarship and joined the Online Entrance Exams. Thus, the expected hitches because of the pandemic were minimized with the online exams and the high-level attention of students to the learning process could be protected during the online learning.

Our Approach about Orientations of Teachers and Students

Before the assessment processes, Testinvite Assessment and Customer Support Team conducted an in-depth training process for teachers at Eraslan College. This process contained orientation about online assessment with teachers, training about Testinvite Assessment Software usage, and briefing about the test security protocol in Testinvite. Besides, our team created some trial simulations for both teachers and students. In this way, the engagement of both parties to the online assessment had eased just before the process.

Besides, Testinvite Team provided live support before-during-after exams. All people were added to the organization account of the college as an organization members at the beginning of the process including students. Thus, all students can reach and become familiar with the assessment system for a semester time. Testinvite Team created demo links before the exam processes and sent these links to the teachers for testing the whole exam process. All of these orientation processes were supplied by Testinvite without any cost.

Exam Security

After the orientation of teachers and students, advanced test security features had activated by Test Invite for protecting the integrity of online exams.

Periodic Semester Exams:

Teachers took actions that line up below for providing exam security in Testinvite;

  • They activated the lockdown exam browser. It limited students leaving from the exam screen.
  • They automatically shuffled questions and options for each student.

Scholarship & Entrance Exams:

After the success of semester exams, the College integrated Testinvite exam security features for their scholarship and entrance exams.

Teachers took actions that line up below for providing exam security in Testinvite;

  • They activated webcam video recording for deterring exam cheating.
  • They automatically shuffled questions for each student.


  1. Managed 4000+ online exams without security concerns. (400 students attended several exams in 9 months. Additionally, 350 students took the Entrance exam in Feb 2021.)
  2. Testinvite Team provided live support for each session. The Team reorganized exams for each student if it was necessary.
  3. Participation rates were equal to face-to-face exams.
  4. Avoided the limits of Covid-19 on education and assessment processes.
  5. The possible deviation of learning outcome assessments had precluded.
  6. All exams were conducted on their planned dates.
  7. Exam cheating attempts were deterred and detected by Testinvite exam security tools.

With the Testinvite team, which we had the opportunity to work with during the remote education period, we successfully measured the weekly achievement assessments of our students with realistic and reliable evaluation systems. We conducted our School Entrance Exam with which we enroll large amounts of students to our school every year, in an environment close to reality, with the remote access of our proctor teachers, with the assessment software of the Testinvite team that provide instant proctoring support.

Testinvite, thanks to features such as remote proctoring, screen recording, screen limitation in case of risk, video and audio recording, has helped us to maintain our academic honesty principle in the online exams we conduct. Throughout our collaboration process with Testinvite, they were always accessible and providing technical support for each of our exams. Being able to receive technical support at any time, facilitated the examination process for both our teachers and students.

Picture of the client with testiomial for Testinvite Exam Software
Nur Canbaz
Director General Of Education

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