Utilize the Best Online Global English Language Test (GELT ®) for Recruitment

GELT ® is the Global English Level Test for adult non-native speakers of English. GELT ® is an institutional test which help organisations to recruit and hire new employees, identify staff in need of English training programmes and ensure employees' English-language skills meet international standards to provide a solid foundation for their international operations. Request A Demo
Language English
Time 25 min
Level General
Questions 40

About the Global English Language Test (GELT ®)

GELT ® is the Global English Level Test to assess English proficiency of adult non-native speakers and it is based on multi-variation testing architecture. Every instance of the test comes with a different set of questions, so each candidate gets completely different questions. Behind the scene, GELT ® is fed by a question bank of 1000+ questions created by English language experts and mapped on items to be measured in accordance with measurement and validation principles.

GELT ® is designed to measure English proficiency in the four basic language skill areas: grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening.

  • The test has 4 sections, each section having many pages.
  • Each page has a few questions and a time limit.
  • The user is expected to finish the test in no more than 45 minutes.
  • The test is multiple choice and contains 40 questions: 18 grammar, 12 vocabulary, 5 reading, and 5 listening.
  • For the listening questions, the user should use a headset.


36 multiple-choice questions - Use of English tests involve grammar. Knowing grammar and vocabulary is the heart of learning a language. Therefore, assessment of grammar and vocabulary is one of the most common forms of testing language knowledge. Grammar questions are carefully prepared in order to assess the level of the test taker in relation to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


24 multiple-choice questions - Participants are expected to answer some idiomatic, miscellaneous expressions, vocabulary related to different fields such as sports, education, health, politics etc., prefixes and suffixes.


10 multiple-choice questions - The reading test sections mainly focus on identifying the main idea of a passage, making inferences and identifying the author’s purpose. Besides, text passages build on vocabulary knowledge by allowing the reader to combine the meanings of individual words to comprehend the overall text. The importance of vocabulary in our texts is well established readers can find complex concepts, phrases, idioms and also phrases in spoken language (both British and American). Moreover, the articles are the most current, interesting and all-around best debate topics.


10 multiple choice questions - The purpose of listening test sections mainly focusses on the main of the speech, making inferences, identifying the author’s purpose and the meaning of some idiomatic expressions. The candidates listen to the recordings then answer multiple-choice questions that address various levels of literal and inferential comprehension. The topics are interesting, the most current topics. Moreover, test takers should be ready to hear different accents. (Users should use a headset to listen to the recordings and they are limited to listen the recording for a few times only).

Keynotes for GELT ®:

  • Repeatability: The very same person can take the test at most 11 times without being asked the same questions: every time the person is tested with a completely different set of questions.

  • Grading: Since GELT ® is a multiple-choice question type test, grading is auto-evaluated and the test score is reflected with a percentage between 0 and 100. Then according to the test score, test taker’s (candidate, student, worker, etc.) result is analyzed by matching the “Test Result” with “Level” metrics given on the below Common European Framework of Reference scheme. This process is straight-forward and can easily be monitored and reported by test makers without any need of any extra professional evaluation.

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