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Created by Mustafa Ekim / December, 2023

Are you in search of a dependable online assessment software for your organization? Meet TestInvite, the preferred choice of over 1,000 organizations in 90 countries. It enables the creation of comprehensive exams that yield insightful reports and is equipped with various anti-cheating measures—all without the need for installation.


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                About TestInvite

                TestInvite is a robust online assessment software that enables organizations to design and administer secure exams, ensuring accurate and reliable insights into individuals while implementing various anti-cheating safeguards to maintain the integrity of results.

                Question Banking

                The Question Bank serves as a centralized repository for organizing and storing exam questions efficiently. TestInvite's Question Bank provides a flexible tagging system, enabling you to assign various attributes to your questions and categorize them based on factors like difficulty levels, subjects, classes, and more. With well-classified questions, you can easily navigate the question bank by selecting specific tags and effortlessly incorporate desired questions into multiple exams, streamlining the exam creation process.

                Question Types

                TestInvite lets you create various question types, like multiple-choice, matching, sorting, reading, short and long text answers, numeric answers, code, file upload, table-filling, voice, and video recordings.

                You can seamlessly include multimedia elements like images, audio, and video clips in your questions, and you have the option to group questions by linking them with related materials such as reading texts or listening audios.

                Test Authoring

                TestInvite offers highly advanced test authoring tools that empower you to design exams precisely as you envision. You have the freedom to structure your exams with ease, creating sections, pages, and questions in any arrangement that suits your needs.

                You can effortlessly access your Question Bank and rapidly generate exams by selecting questions.

                You have the flexibility to customize different aspects of your exams. For instance, you can set multiple time limits for each section or page, configure navigation restrictions within each section, determine whether test-takers can backtrack to previous pages, and specify when the system will enforce mandatory questions to be answered.

                In TestInvite, you can create multidimensional exams by linking exam questions to different dimensions, characteristics, orientations, or learning objectives. Unlike basic exams that provide a single overall score, these exams generate reports that assess multiple facets of individuals. Additionally, each measurement aspect can be further dissected for in-depth analysis.

                You can also create systematically randomized exams, where questions for all test-takers are automatically randomized. Systematic randomization of exam questions prevents test-takers from having prior knowledge of the test questions while also ensuring fairness and balance. This is achieved by randomly selecting questions from their designated question pools, ensuring each test-taker's exam contains an equal number of questions across various difficulty levels and subjects.

                Assessment Workflows

                In TestInvite, you can design assessment workflows to deliver exams in a highly customized and automated process, reducing the need for manual interventions. This allows you to configure every aspect of the assessment process to your specific requirements, from personalized email invitations to designing a welcome page, obtaining consents and crafting instructions.

                You can incorporate one or multiple exams into a process, establish rules and conditions governing how candidates progress through the exams, and configure delivery options for each exam, including the security measures to be implemented. Once your assessment workflow is set up, you can begin registering candidates and extending invitations.

                Anticheating Safeguards

                With TestInvite, you can enhance the security of your exams using various anti-cheating measures. These include browser lockdown to block access to external sources such as ChatGPT or Google, screen and webcam recording, AI algorithms for cheating detection, online exam monitoring, live chat with test-takers, and real-time or post-exam proctoring. Additionally, TestInvite offers the option to set time limits at multiple levels and employs systematic question randomization, preventing test-takers from having prior knowledge of the questions.

                Reporting, Evaluation and Feedback

                Once the exams conclude, the system promptly generates comprehensive reports. If your exams incorporate subjective questions, you have the option to assess the answers directly or employ custom rubrics for a more objective and equitable evaluation. These reports are highly detailed and aligned with your exam structure.

                The system can automatically produce norms for each exam and generate comparative reports for each test-taker, allowing for a comparison of their scores in each dimension or section against others. This assists in identifying their strengths and weaknesses in specific areas.

                You can further customize your exam reports by integrating bespoke templates and functionalities that generate fresh insights and interpretations, which can then be integrated into your customized reports.

                You can decide when to share results with test-takers. You can also customize what they can see, such as the overall report, specific questions and answers, evaluation rubrics, reviews, or feedback on questions.

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