Test session completion reason

The list of specific reasons or causes for the completion or conclusion of a test session

Created by Mustafa Ekim / May, 2023

Here are the factors or circumstances that can contribute to the completion of a test session:

FullyThe test-taker intentionally submitted the test after visiting all pages.
PartiallyThe test-taker intentionally submitted the test without visiting all pages.
TimerThe test session concluded as the allocated time expired.
Lockdown violationThe test session was prematurely terminated due to a violation of the lockdown browser rules.
Left and returnedThe test session was terminated when the test-taker left midway and attempted to re-enter, possibly as a result of unauthorized page refreshing.
AbandonedThe test-taker exited the test session without submitting it, and since there was no return, the system automatically terminated the session.
AdministratorThe administrator has terminated the test session.

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