New features

The latest features that have been introduced. Learn about the problems they address, the use-cases that make most sense for using them and some details about their functionalities.

You can define which sections and/or dimensions will be displayed in the radar chart of the test report. Read More
A new feature has been introduced that enables test takers and test administrators to communicate through a chat function while taking the test Read More
You can create a test with only a few clicks. Select the questions and configure the number of pages to distribute the questions into. Read More
The new feature enhances the existing workflow of browsing through questions in your question bank. By allowing you to select a folder and one or more tags to narrow down the list, it also gives you the option to exclude questions by selecting certain tags. Read More
The new feature allows you to choose specific test results and include or exclude them from the automatically generated test norm. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the norm to your needs, potentially increasing the accuracy of the results Read More
The system now allows you to choose from three strategies - "Prevent", "Warn" or "Do nothing" - for handling mandatory questions at each level of the test, including overall test, sections and pages. Read More
"Answer any N questions" is a type of test format that allows the test-taker to choose a certain number of questions to answer out of the total number of questions. Read More
If your task includes multiple tests, candidates will have multiple test results. We are introducing the "Assessment Score," which is a weighted average of all the test scores for a candidate. Read More
You can now assign stages to candidates (tickets), a new feature that will assist you in tracking the progress of each candidate in your internal workflow Read More
You can assign a star rating of 1 to 5 to a candidate. Read More
You can take personal notes on candidates. Read More