Measurement aspects

Making up the list of aspects to measure

Created by Mustafa Ekim

To create an insightful test, the first step is to consider the list of aspects you want to measure. What dimensions should the test report have to provide a clear picture of the test participants?

Assuming we want to create a general culture assessment, what are the key objectives we should measure in the test report? A short sample list could be:

  • Geography
    • Arts and humanities
      Consider a test report that displays the success scores of each participant in each one of the above dimensions. Are these dimensions sufficient, or should you delve deeper to gain a more comprehensive understanding of each dimension?

      List of dimensions, each with its own set of sub-dimensions

      You can include more insights into participant performance on each dimension by including sub-dimensions within each dimension. A more comprehensive list of dimensions may include:


      • Physical geography
        • Human geography

          Arts and Humanities

          • Artistic expression
            • Cultural diversity and history

              Structuring the complete list of dimensions in a tree format

              We recommend reviewing your list of dimensions and considering the addition of any necessary sub-dimensions for the dimensions you would like to measure in more detail.

              Below is a sample tree list of dimensions for reference:

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