How does learning-validation assessments leverage your corporate training programs and how to keep track of employee development over time?

Assessments are vital parts of learning processes. They help you both track the development of individuals and measure the effectiveness and performance of learning activities. Discover the top features that make Testinvite a great solution to administer learning-validation assessments online.

Created by Mustafa Ekim / August, 2022

The main goal of trainings is to improve participants knowledge, skills and competencies on a particular subject. Keeping track of the development of individuals, providing feedbacks and measuring the performance of the learning activity are the expected outcomes of administering well crafted assessments. Below we list a few of Testinvite's features that will let you get the most out of your training programs by using online assessments.

Online Question Bank to Store and Organize Assessment Items

The question bank will allow you to save and organize all your questions in a central place. Using folders will make it possible to group your questions in the top level. By assigning tags like difficulty level, subject, competency, course code etc. you will be able to find the right list of questions with a few selection.

Defining Learning Outcome Trees and Mapping With Questions

A learning activity can be mapped into a learning outcome tree so that you can track how much has each part of the training been effective. After creating learning outcomes, you can map questions to the learning outcomes so that the system keeps track of performances in each category.

Creating Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are to measure the development of individuals in multiple areas so that weaknesses and strenghts can be revealed easily. You can create tests or exams having multiple sections or dimensions. You can randomize the questions by creating question pools. Timers can be defined on the test level, section level of page level. Navigation between pages and sections can be restricted or allowed.

Security Measures For Administering Assessments Online

Assessments can output dependable results as long as they are administered and delivered in a platform that ensures integrity and prevents cheating. Webcam recording, screen recording, locking the browser, real-time proctoring, post-proctoring and using artificial intelligence based cheating-detection algorithms can help you prevent the cheating attempts.

Detailed Assessment Reports

Formative assessments output detailed assessment reports pointing out how well each learning outcome is achieved. Optionally, you can enable auto-generated norms so that each individual's performance can be compared to others. The system can provide all the metrics like ranking, percentile, standard deviations, averages for all the dimensions of the test.

Publishing Assessment Results and Providing Feedbacks

Assessments can be configured so that participants either get immediate feedback during the assessment or they are presented with their performance report after the assessment activity has been finalized. You can optionally provide feedback on each question and announce the answer sheet together with the assessment report.

Analyzing the Performance of the Assessments

Along with tracking individuals development, the performance of the assessment itself can be done so that you better your assessments over time. You can analyse how each question performs and as a result improve or replace some questions.

Analyzing the Performance of the Training

You can analyze whether the training was successful or not by checking out the averages and standard deviations of each learning outcome.

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