Administer online proctored exams with webcam video and screen recording

Secure online exams with

Advanced security measures help you get dependable results.


Webcam Video & Screen Recording

Webcam video and the entire screen are recorded during the exam.


Lockdown Browser

During the exam, other applications and windows etc. are prevented from opening.


Live Monitoring & Proctoring

Monitor exams in real-time

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All security measures are in one solution. Just apply the security measures that work for you.

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An exam with lockdown browser and video recording.

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Set the time limits

Set a time limit for the entire exam or for each section, page or question.

Ask different questions, Randomize the order

Create question pools and create tests where questions are randomly selected from the respective question pools. Randomly order the sections, pages, questions, and even options.

Set restrictions for navigating forward and backward

Set navigation restriction for the whole test and in each section.

Examine the actions of the test taker.

Determine the date and time intervals in which the exam will start and end.

Determine how to access the exam.

User name and password / PIN code, Student Number, ID number / Invitation code

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"Recording on webcam and using full screen lock are minimizing security concerns while applying exams to thousands of people at the same time."
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