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Testinvite Talent Numerical Reasoning (Advanced) Test evaluates the ability to apply numerical reasoning skills to solve complex problems and derive logical conclusions based on numerical patterns. The test consists of advanced-level numerical patterns that require a high level of mathematical ability, critical thinking, and analytical skills. This test is particularly useful in jobs requiring complex data analysis, financial analysis, and decision-making. Test scores can assist employers in understanding candidates' ability to handle complex numerical data and derive insights from them to make informed decisions. Request A Demo
Language English
Time 10 min
Level Advanced
Questions 6

About the Numerical Reasoning Test (Advanced)

Numerical reasoning is a fundamental cognitive skill that involves careful and accurate handling of numerical patterns to make analysis, predictions, and draw logical conclusions. The Testinvite Talent Numerical Reasoning (Advanced) test evaluates a candidate's ability to comprehend numerical data, identify numerical patterns, and complete arithmetic operations, going beyond basic mathematical knowledge.

The Testinvite Talent Numerical Reasoning (Advanced) test consists of various types of questions, including number sequences, number matrices, and number puzzles. Number sequence questions involve finding the missing number in a row of numerical sequence. To solve the sequence, mathematical operations such as subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication are required. Number matrices questions involve completing the missing section of a numerical matrix from the alternatives provided to complete the set correctly. In number puzzle questions, a set of numbers is presented in a puzzle form that goes together in a certain way, and a part is missing. The candidate needs to choose the part or set that would complete the set properly from the alternatives provided.

The advanced numerical reasoning test requires candidates to have a higher-level understanding of numerical patterns, including their ability to detect patterns and interpret data to derive logical conclusions. Therefore, the test is an excellent predictor of a candidate's ability to perform well in analytical and problem-solving positions in a variety of industries such as marketing, banking, engineering, and finance.

Employers can benefit from using the Testinvite Talent Numerical Reasoning (Advanced) test to assess a candidate's numerical reasoning ability. Test scores can assist in understanding how candidates can derive logical conclusions and implement solutions using critical thinking and predicting candidate job performance. By utilizing this test, recruiters can swiftly narrow down the applicant pool and identify the most qualified candidates for the job. Additionally, by assessing numerical reasoning skills, employers can identify training needs to improve the performance of their workforce.


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Numerical reasoning in the psychometric test is characterized by the careful and accurate handling of numerical patterns while implementing critical thinking into numerical data.

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