Numerical Problem Solving Test (Intermediate)

Cognitive & Aptitude

Numerical Problem Solving Test assesses candidates' ability to solve word problems using math and logic. The test helps to identify those who can strategize and solve problems effectively.

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What it Measures:

  • Solve word problems using mixed math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Apply math knowledge to practical scenarios
  • Develop efficient reasoning for quick solutions

Ideal Roles: Accountants, Architects, Biologists, Doctors, Nurses, Tradesmen, Lawyers, Psychologists (and more!)


  • Smarter Problem-Solving: Identify candidates who can strategize and solve problems effectively.
  • Reduced Training Time: Assess basic math skills and reasoning abilities.
  • Improved Work Performance: Hire candidates who can think critically and adapt to changing environments.

Test Format:

  • Real-world word problems
  • Mixed math operations
  • Focuses on reasoning and logic

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To solve a numerical test, it is needed to be familiar with essential parts of basic mathematics and mental arithmetic.