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Abstract thinking is defined as the process of applying concepts and performing actions in mind when seeking a solution to a problem. Testinvite Talent Abstract Reasoning Test measures the reasoning ability to synthesize knowledge to make judgments and solve problems. Abstract reasoning assessment is used for identifying candidates who can use logical thinking and benefit from objectivity in daily life and the workplace. Request A Demo
Language English
Time 10 min
Level Advanced
Questions 11

About the Abstract Reasoning Test (Advanced)

In general, reasoning is the thinking process of drawing logical conclusions from given information. It is a cognitive process that is needed to understand and predict events and outcomes. Similarly, abstract thinking is the ability to process complex visual or language-based information that is not easily associated with concrete ideas. In other words, abstract reasoning is a multidimensional way of thinking in which meanings of words, nuances, and metaphors are used.

Testinvite Talent Abstract Reasoning Test measures the ability to analyze non-verbal visual information using lateral thinking and fluid intelligence. The abstract reasoning test consists of 4 types of questions; the odd one out, figure series completion, figure matrices completion, and nonverbal analogies. To answer the abstract reasoning questions, candidates need to identify and interpret the relationship between a collection of shapes and patterns. Abstract reasoning test scores can assist employers to understand how capable candidates are at learning new skills, thinking strategically about problems, and analyzing new information.

Abstract reasoning ability is a typical requirement in the workplace. It is particularly important for industries such as technology and engineering. Abstract reasoning and abstract thinking tests and assessments are used for any job that requires problem-solving and strategic thinking skills such as Administrative Assistant, Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Project Manager, or Software Developer.


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Abstract reasoning tests are used for identifying candidates who can use logical thinking and benefit from objectivity in daily life and the workplace.

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