Channels to Find Promising Candidates & Resumé Screening
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Finding Promising Candidates

There are many channels to find candidates such as recruiting agencies, newspaper ads, referrals, professional associations, trade publications, networking, online recruitment websites and programs such as internships and partnerships with colleges or universities. However, it is critical to have a sizeable pool of qualified applicants with sufficient number of people, too many people in the pool can be a danger for the ‘qualified applicant’ definition. One good way to find favorable applicants is referrals from current employees as employees, whose referrals are hired, are usually encouraged by reward and they tend to suggest a qualified candidate.

To find the right person you should start with checking your current employees and then look outside your organization to bring new outlooks and skills. Know what kind of person you are looking for and remember that a person’s past job performance is the best guide for the next performance.

A combination of right education, right experience and a compatible personality makes a good fit and beware of people with the same background as yours, as they may look like the best option because of the similarity but you need to focus on the objective requirements of the job and the candidate’s qualifications.

Résumé Screening

Having a large pool of qualified applicants will allow you to choose the best person by doing elimination according to the requirements of the position.

First step of the elimination is the cover letter and résumé screening. Eliminating candidates starts with the ones whose attributes are not matched with the requirements of the job and then look for résumés including signs of achievement with results, a career goal matched with the position and attractive overall appearance. Résumés with too much educational and personal information, long employment gaps, pattern of short-term employment and description of jobs without any achievements or results are signs of weaknesses.

Focusing on the résumés of the most-likely candidates, getting right to the accomplishments of the candidate and avoiding comparing candidates to each other will help you to obtain a quicker and a better résumé screening.

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