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Question Title

The question title is common to all questions. In this section, 3 basic definitions are made:

  1. Question Content is entered through the Rich Content Editor.
  2. Feedback Content: After receiving the answer to the question, if the question is not answered correctly and you want to give a feedback to the user, Feedback Content can be defined.
    Feedback is only shown in Practice Mode in exams and if permitted, in the User Exam Result Report
  3. Reporting name: it works for you in 2 cases:
    • If the question consists of non-textual content such as visual, audio file or video file, the question can be shown with a short name in the reports.
    • If the answer to the question will be associated with a parameter, the reporting name can be defined.
      For example, you asked the user "What is your name?", and you want the answer to be associated with the "Name" parameter in the report.