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The new Users Module has been activated for all accounts

  Most of our customers love the way our question bank work because it is very flexible in the sense that it lets you store, organize and find back your questions in multiple ways. The question querying editor in the question bank stores the index of all the folders and tags automatically so that you can make selection of multiple tags and have a narrowed list of questions. You can create as many folders as you like and you can assign any kind of tags to your questions.  

  Now, we offer the same capabilities in the users module as well. Unlike before, you can now add your users into folders and assign tags. Thanks to the querying editor, these folders and tags will let you find back the right set of users very quickly.  

  • Inside the task editor, when you click on the Add User Tickets you will face the user query editor where you can pick folder and select tags to find the right set of users easily. For example you can pick the “Students” folder and click on the “Class: B” tag to list the students having the Class tag as B.
    • In your organization settings page you can let users sign-up by themselves into your organization. You can also set the default folder and tags for these users so that people who sign-up by themselves are automatically put into the right folder with the default tags.
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