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Sidebar Feature now in Content Groups

Recently, the sidebar feature was added to Test Invite Exam Software to be used in questions and test pages.. This feature is aimed at helping test-preparers show content relevant to the question alongside the choices or the answer area for the convenience of candidates.

What’s new?

With the release of v8.2.22 of Test Invite Exam Software, the sidebar option is now added to the content groups (CG) too. This will create a shared sidebar for the questions/content in a given CG. There are some specific interactions between the sidebars of each component:

  • If the test page that includes one or more CG’s already has a sidebar activated, the sidebar of any CG’s is ignored.
    • If multiple CG’s are added to a test page, only the sidebar of the first CG is considered, and the rest is ignored. The whole page shares the sidebar of the first CG.
      • A question with a sidebar can be added to a content group with a sidebar with no technical issues, and both sidebars will be displayed on screen. However, this might limit the effective area for the question, question’s sidebar, and CG’s sidebar since the total width be share among the three. Test-preparers will need to experiment about how to visually design their tests when using this combination of features.

                                                          Using sidebar for a content group

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