Rename a tag of multiple questions in the Question Bank in a single update

You can now rename a specific tag of multiple questions in a single update operation.

Suppose you have 5 questions; each having the “topic” tag like below:

  • Question 1 > Topic: Math
    • Question 2 > Topic: History
      • Question 3 > Topic: Math
        • Question 4 > Topic: Geography
          • Question 5 > Topic: History

            If you want the rename the tag name (which is “Topic” right now) with “Subject”:

            1. Start with selecting all these question in the question bank
              1. Click on “Update All” button at the top. Make sure that the number of questions you’ve selected matches with the number you see inside the “Update All” button.
                1. Select “Rename a tag” among the mass update operations.
                  1. Write the current tag name (“Topic”) in the first text field.
                    1. Write the new tag name (“Subject”) in the second text field.
                      1. Click on the blue “Update All” button. Again, make sure the number next to this button shows the number of questions you are willing to update.

                        That’s it! The question bank software will go through all the questions you selected and rename the relevant tag.

                        A final note: If there are some tags that you want to keep but do not help you when filtering the questions, you can rename the tag by putting an underscore (“_”) at the beginning of the tag name. You will continue to have this tag inside the question, but the question bank will offer you to filter questions by this tag any more. That’s a good idea if you store some specific values like an external Question ID etc. inside a tag. Who wants to filter questions by a unique value?!