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Removal of Header Bar from the Test Screens

Removal of Header Bar from the Test Screens

Test Invite has just published v8.3.0 and this update brings several changes to the test screens to improve the candidate experience.

What’s new?

  • The most significant change in the update is the removal of the blue header bar from the test window. This change will give candidates with smaller screens more area to view the test content.
    • Consequently, the CLOSE button that was on the right side of the bar has been removed as well. The removal will prevent candidates from accidentally clicking it in cases such as double clicking when trying to close the settings or asset library. The CLOSE button is now located at the bottom of the menu on the left.
      • The Session No. that was on the left of the removed bar is now located in the settings menu of the test.

        The header bar has been removed, and the Close button is now moved to the bottom of the menu on the left         

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