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Redesigned Email Templating Menu

Test Invite Assessment Software lets client organizations send mass emails to their candidates using a templating system. Organizations can prepare a subject and a body, embed information specific to the task settings, and even ticket settings, and save the contents as a template.

What’s new?

With the v8.3.85 update, the email templating menu has been improved, making it more intuitive to use.

  • It is now easier to see and select from saved templates, saving new templates, updating or deleting existing ones.
    • The interface language that the candidate will first see can now be chosen by the email sender.
      • It is now possible to include the general task start/end dates, ticket specific start/end dates and ticket meta information (Group, labels, tags) to the email content for each recipient.
        • Senders can now use the Add Task Link option to quickly add a button with a caption into the email body, without worrying about the design and alignment.

                              Redesigned email templating menu for sending invitations to candidates


                                             Preview of an email template

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