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Post Proctoring

Post Proctoring

What’s new?

With the v8.3.52 update, the live proctoring interfaces of the Test Invite assessment software has got a major rework, and a new feature called Post Proctoring has been added.

Post Proctoring lets administrators to watch multiple monitoring streams simultaneously after the exam has taken place. The administrators can choose to view either webcam feed or screen capture feed, or both at the same time for all of the sessions they are watching, and change the width of the panels to fit more into their screen.

The video speed for video clips, and photo pagination speed for image files can be changed. All streams can be started, paused and muted collectively or individually.


                                                                   post proctoring panel

Post proctoring feature can be used by selecting one or more test results in the Results tab in the Task page, then clicking on the monitor icon titled Post Proctoring.

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