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PDF Printouts for Candidate Results & Answers

What’s new?

With Test Invite Exam Software update v8.3.7, it is now possible to get PDF documents of a candidate’s test report and their answers. The organizations will be able to save and share these reports more easily with this new capability.

How to use it?

The report summary can be exported as a PDF file by opening the Report of a candidate’ result, and while in the Summary tab, clicking on the printer icon at top right and choosing PDF. The report download will be initiated immediately, and PDF file will be named based on the session ID.


                                           PDF Export Option in Result Summary

A candidate’s answers can be downloaded as a PDF file by navigating to the Answers tab, and clicking on the Download button at the bottom on the section index on the left side of the screen. A window with settings and progress will appear. Clicking on CREATE PDF will initiate the transformation of all answer pages to a single PDF file, and once completed, the file will be downloaded to your device.


                                             Answer Sheet PDF Download Button

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